Eight Slim Grins

An infamous crew of thieves almost pulls off the perfect jewel heist, except one thief - with a Navy SEAL tattoo identical to Jane's - is captured at the scene of the crime. Does this man know Jane? Meanwhile, Jane receives a visit - and an ambiguous warning - from the mysterious bearded man from her first memory as Weller and Mayfair struggle with Jane's role on the team.

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Episode Discussion

cobraa posted 4 years ago

can they do no wrong? another great episode

gjuniorX posted 4 years ago

I really enjoy this show,Jane is bad ass,love that there is such a strong female roll where she really uses some hand to hand & firearms combat this is packed with action..

Hanii posted 4 years ago

The show overall is good, but I just can't get past her terrible acting, everything she does and says is not believable and forced, the writing leaves much to be desired.

Thomas posted 4 years ago

Just like John said, this show is getting better and better so far. I like it!

johncymru posted 4 years ago

This just gets better and better. I really hope they can keep this up.

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