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It's Valentine's Day on Jessop Square, and everyone is opening their cards. Emma has received one for the first time ever and she resolves to find out who sent it to her. "And then I will kill him," declares Tony, because that's what dads do.

Brenda opens some post that's been lying about for weeks, only to discover that it's her driving test in two days' time. "But you can't drive, Brenda," protests Tony. Yes, she knows she can't drive, that's why she's taking her test.

Brenda begins her lessons but at the first attempt manages to finish off Tony's old car. Jenny's convinced Tim is going to use the most romantic day of the year to propose. "Are you sure, Jenny, because, you know, he's not quite cooked yet?"

Will Brenda pass her test, will Jenny get her proposal, and will Emma ever find out who sent her that Valentine card?

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