Power Erupts

As a science project for school, Robbie comes up with an idea for tapping the geothermal energy of volcanoes to heat the homes of all Pangaea. The idea is taken seriously by the government and Robbie seems to be a hero, except that his plan for free energy threatens the business interests of the WESAYSO Corporation, which sells energy for a profit. When WESAYSO puts the screws to Earl to squash his son's idea, Earl is put in conflict with Robbie.

A DNN news report segment shows a volcano eruption at the summit of Mt. Thunder at the beginning of this episode; stranding dinosaurs in their homes, ravaging acres of farmland and forcing schools and workplaces to be closed due to an "Ash Day". At the end of this episode, it is revealed in the DNN news segment as it is being mentioned that WESAYSO has acquired the volcano, that the mountain (when seen on the Sinclair's television set and the cameraman - on the Sinclair's TV screen, of course - shoots the footage of the mountain from its ground level next to a "Keep Out" sign) bears a resemblance to the same volcano seen on the opening (and mid-bumpers with a pterosaur in flight) credits (either from a ptero-copter or the top of another mountain paralleling the volcano) to all of the episodes of Dinosaurs with the show's name and logo (and even the episode titles followed by one credit on the VHS releases) revealed in capital at the bottom (or middle) of the volcano on the television screen. While it is a possibility that the volcano seen in the show's opening credits and mid-bumpers (or another volcano, presumingly Mt. Thunder from this episode, made to look like the one from the opening credits) is believed to be Mt. Thunder, it is not officially revealed or confirmed by Dinosaurs ' producers.

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