Demons Are Forever

A possessed exorcist and her troubled brother are forced into a dangerous alliance with a mysterious priest.

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Episode Discussion

rameezasif posted 3 years ago

Mena Suvari is looking a bit old but she is still hottttttttttt

rameezasif posted 3 years ago

I really enjoyed the first episode. Gonna watch the rest of the season now.

DaveJenik posted 3 years ago

A bit rough around the edges, but pretty good.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Really enjoyed this, eerie atmosphere and creepy demons :)

his_caddy posted 3 years ago

This was not good. Opening credits were a ripoff of True Blood meets True Detectives (S1).

rameezasif posted 3 years ago

Just downloaded the first episode and i hope its good.

TonyMayhew posted 3 years ago

Just watched the first episode & it was pretty good!

I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it quite as much as I did, so am now looking forward to watching the remaining 6 episodes.

Obviously, I'm not gonna throw out spoiler but if you enjoy supernatural stuff, I'd defo recommend it!

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