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A baby is found buried alive in shallow ground and appears to have birth defects resulting from generations of inbreeding, leading Mulder and Scully to a reclusive family who have a history of inbred children.

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By MeowZen on Sep 16, 2015

A stillborn deformed baby is found in a shallow grave on a baseball field in a small rural town across from a creepy house. Everyone in town knows who was responsible for this crime against humanity but the FBI is allerted anyway. Scully instantly sees that the child is the result of generations of inbreeding and has "all birth defects known to man". Scully and Mulder quickly find out about three inbred brothers living in the creepy house and start investigating because they suspect the child mi…

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Episode Discussion

MeowZen posted 6 years ago

I remember this episode from when it originally aired because it was so dark and primal. It's not all depressing though because the x-files can still find some comedy in an armless and legless, inbred, old woman on a little cart which is an achievement on it's own.

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