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While McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues, Kamekona's dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

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One's Personal Sense Of Responsibility 

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Episode Discussion

gjuniorX posted 7 years ago

In which episode did Steve & Danny get married?..Must have missed that one,cause they sure act like a married couple lol..

jimj posted 7 years ago

Why is that on every episode Danny and Steve have to argue or berate each other. I can understand it happening once in a while, BUT COME ON EVERY EPISODE. It is getting to the point where I am going to quit watching this series because of that. And this last episode really was stupid.. They are two adults, why can't they act like it. So you writers should be able to fill in the bickering time with something a whole lot better than that. That is my opinion anyways.

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