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Tony's sister Effy is led into trouble by a vengeful Josh. Sid tells Tony that no-one likes him anymore and goes to meet up with Cassie. They kiss, but Sid decides he must help Tony find Effy. Finding her drugged, Tony is almost forced into sex with her by Josh, but he backs down. At the hospital, Tony's parents blame him for what happened, but he and Sid make up.


By IngridPatriota on Sep 10, 2017

It's Jim Stonem's birthday, but he is still as bad-tempered as ever. He tries to make a rude joke about their turkey dinner and becomes angry at Tony's snide remarks. He only quiets down when his wife, Anthea, requests that he and Tony don't argue in front of Effy. The family give up on playing a board game as the instructions were translated poorly into English from Korean. Effy takes the board game upstairs and melts some of the pieces with her lighter. She pretends to go to bed but sneaks out…

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