Dirty Laundry

Andy and Bobby investigate a shooting death at a laundromat, and Andy's shocked to find out that Holly Snyder is involved (she was the young girl who was molested by her serial-rapist uncle in Season 2's "The Bank Dick"). She was the subject of a cruel bet that ended with a scumbag shooting her new boyfriend for not paying back lost bets. Andy tries to help her but she's now addicted to heroin. Bobby is pulled off the case to investigate an older detective named Detective Drucker, who has been moved to the 15th while IAB puts together a case on him. Bobby's not happy to be working with him and his fears are borne out when they investigate bogus molestation charges against an impotent old man—Detective Drucker doesn't pay any attention to the case, and later the old man commits suicide. IAB decides the time has come to arrest Drucker, but when they try to do it at the 15th guns come out and the corrupt detective is gunned down. Elsewhere, PAA John Irvin confirms with Andy that Adrienne Lesniak is gay, and tries to help her out, but she angrily says she was lying to get James off her back about maybe going out on a date.

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