Cold Heaters

Bobby reluctantly meets with his old "friend" Ray DiSalvo, who wants out of his admittedly unfair long stay at Rikers and has hard facts about an old robbery case that left two retired cops dead. Bobby runs with the case only to see that IAB is already there, but has to face two hard truths: IAB's Sgt. Martens is a non-idiot who knows what the hell he's doing, and Ray sold him out earlier. Bobby tells Ray that after he gets his deal, he never wants to see him or speak to him again. Lt. Fancy takes center stage when a shooting at a bodega leaves a Latino punk dead, and he learns the punk beat up a good citizen's kid before a shootout. Fancy and Andy work together seamlessly to make sure the citizen won't face jail time. Greg handles a dispute between a young actor and the abusive, egocentric star who's been giving him hell on the set of a play, and manages to get both parties to live and let live.

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