Thick Stu

Bobby's frustrations over Diane's non-yes to his proposal and the apartment building continue. And the job gives him no comfort when he and Andy lend help to an exhausted, not-too-bright night shift cop investigating the kidnapping of an infant. While Vince Gotelli and James Martinez compete in the Union Delegate election, Vince beats a suspect in an attempt to elicit a confession for the kidnapping of the missing baby. The case goes through several twists and turns before revealing that the father of the infant killed the child after becoming jealous of the attention she was receiving from her mother. Diane suggests she and Bobby takes things slow, and he shoots back that maybe one of them should move out of town. Later, he gets a page informing him that a woman's been shot to death in the apartment building he inherited—and she lives in the apartment that Henry Coffield (creep from last week) used to reside in. Andy and Greg have their first weigh-in.

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