Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure

A developmentally disabled young girl is sexually assaulted by a group of rich students. The girl's angry mom and the meddling Councilman father (from Season 2's "Innuendo") of one of the kids roil Andy and Bobby, but everyone shares heartbreak when the young girl kills herself. Bobby advises her mom to sue the kids, and Sylvia Costas rocks the students by pointing out they will never face any punishment and can look forward to a life of being disgusting and contemptible. Diane is out on UC with Liery when a rollerblader bumps into her and Liery beats the guy, leaving her unable to forcefully protect the guy, though she does keep Liery from killing him. Diane later tells her OCCB boss that the work is getting to her, and has an ugly argument with Bobby. A mentally disturbed young man named Fred comes to the house babbling about his mother, and Andy finds out she died of a heart attack and Fred tried to bury her in a Dumpster. Sylvia talks about how she does not want to leave her job because no one would have tried to get through to the students who did something terrible otherwise.

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