My Wild Irish Nose

Bobby finds out about Diane shooting at Liery when his neighbor makes a complaint, so Bobby visits Jimmy, beats him, and illegally seizes an AK-47 from the place. Diane is livid that Bobby interfered with her work, and Bobby is mad that Diane is acting like she has lost her mind. He asks for a day to deal with the case, and he and Andy proceed to tell one of Jimmy's contacts he is cooperating with the cops. At Bobby's promotion ceremony, Diane confronts Bobby with the news that Jimmy is dead. Bobby not only is not sorry about that, he tells Diane that if she wants to cry over Liery, then she should not even stay for the ceremony. Bobby tries to make Andy's case for advancement to the NYPD Commissioner, who is not receptive to the idea, but Andy ends up attending the ceremony anyway to support his partner. Andy and Bobby earlier try to help out a witness to a Mob killing who has had his prized paintings stolen, and have to save his life before they convince one of the killers to flip on his partners. James is reminded of his brother's problems when a young runaway witnesses a murder and he has to deal with the kid's abusive father.

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