What a Dump!

A Russian mail-order bride is strangled to death. Andy's xenophobia gets a workout, while another serial killer and a Russian cab driver are considered and discarded as suspects, before Andy puts a misplaced purse and the dead woman's husband together and solves the case. Greg is on edge because of a mysterious dinner coming up with Abby, and he binges on peanut butter and becomes violent and aggressive on a case where gangbangers fired shots from a city bus. One of his fury storms provides a key break, but another leaves them without a confession. Greg later calms down and the dinner with Abby turns out to be low-key; she wants him to come over and meet her partner over another meal. Andy moonlights as a night watcher of drug couriers at JFK Airport, and finds his world view challenged by one detainee before an emergency involving another one.

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