The Pi-Kahuna

While jogging on Seafoam Island, Ash becomes blinded and accidentally causes a traffic mess. Officer Jenny comes along and clears it, and tells everyone about the high tourist traffic is due to the huge tidal wave that is due to hit the island soon "Humunga Dunga". Ash and friends go surfing, and while surfing Ash's foot cramps up and he starts to pass out. He is saved by a man named Victor and his Pikachu "Puka". Ash thanks hims and Victor tells everyone how everyone who rides Humunga Dunga tries to place a flag on the giant rock that sits off shore, as well as the story about his hero, Jan, who is the only one to ride the wave to the top of the rock and place a flag on it. Victor dreams of also doing this. Team Rocket then shows up and steals the two Pikachu's and try to retreat to sea. now they must get they Pikachu's back, as well as get ready for the big wave that is approaching.

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