Pokéball Peril

Walking along the beaches of Valencia Island, Ash and friends are searching for Professor Ivy, who luckily ends up appearing on her own. After finding out why they are there, she takes them to the lab where she shows them the GS Ball and explains why it is so mysterious. Ash then calls Professor Oak about it and Oak is excited to look at it, and then he and Ivy get into a discussion about their various works. Following that, Brock helps clean their living quarters and even makes dinner. That night a little scare happens when Professor Ivy jumps into a cloud of Vileplume's Stun Spore to save a Raticate, and she is taken to the Pokemon Center.After spending the night on the island and seeing how Ivy ans her assistants live and work, Brock decide to make a bold decision as Ash and Misty are ready to leave.

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