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Moving Pictures!

On the way to Olivine City Ash and friends run into their old shutterbug friend Todd, who is now traveling far and wide in search of the dream photo opportunity - a close up of the Legendary Pokemon Articuno. Their reunion is cut short when a chunk of solid ice comes falling out of a perfectly blue sky. Out heroes examine the object and discover that a Sunkern is frozen inside. Observing the Pokemon to still be alive, Ash and friends rush it off to be treated at the Pokemon Center. They can't find one, and instead find a lodge run by a old lady named Sophia. She knows exactly how to treat the young pokemon. She then tells Ash and friends about the Sunflora that used to inhabit the mountain. They decide to head to the mountain to see if they can find some Sunflora, but wind up being attacked by Team Rocket. After Team Rocket is defeated, they continue their journey up the mountain. But will they find any Sunflora?

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