Shadow of the Hawke: Part 1

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stringfellow posted a year ago

Hello this is the DR Watson and DR Moffit of aiwolf designer and programmer, since2011 this forum epguide and tv maze spread sheet was taken as a gift from David w the third to a veteran of Vietnam and since it s sprouted out on the east coast which explain the mental stress alert of Dr David Watson one of five children delivered into this world from a father with serious ptsd from korea 4 yrs of combat and medals from bronze to silver but passing on at age 33 and fortunate enough to search the Utah records and found my version of airwolf backed by the federal judiciary comm. of salt lake city my original script is epguide but only gave out one copy this one that has circulated but is incomplete however the ones I have are set up for court hearing of terrorist acts brought out fron Elizabethtown clowns since the presiding judge at the time was drunk and run down two woman and killed them from my friends word of mouth do recall Essex county 1987 when dr moffit hit the uss merchant ship and destroyed all 120 Americans and will the idiot craig delmers play the part he thinks he is as Jan- Michael Vincent string fellow hawk having heard also 1 million dollars in a swiss bank account tells me the Canadians are in on the higher power act since niagra Mohawk turned to Britain I take it asylum in the uk was the target well Canada your parliament is collapsing look up 1987 and forward action I have in no way signed a deal to sell this weapon until then you and what God David hemming is of no shame to me so good luck with your private Swiss bank accounts washinton dc is well notified and Johnstown new York has now turned out to be the new nation guard looking for g4 or g8 summit meeting with a president lets not forget where you crawled out of before you sell or buy. from chazy new York good morning DR Mofitt is the answer you seek god has the war your mouthing off about every time you open it so don't bite the hand that feeds you more airwolf coming soon but not until a judge and or jury decides string and Domonic santini faith from who elses idea DR Watson the case of jekle and hyde.

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