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Episode 3

The Hairy Bikers have only four weeks left at the Oxford Academy to prove that their social experiment pairing up teenagers with pensioners is working. Can they demonstrate that these blossoming friendships between junior and senior partners is transforming the health, minds and wellbeing of both groups?

We catch up with Jacub who has ADHD, is still getting detentions and risks being thrown out of the Old School project unless he improves his behaviour. His partner Clive is on a mission to find out how Jacub's gaming habit is affecting his learning at school.

Wez is also in a tricky spot - he's been withdrawn from his Maths GCSE exam for missing too many lessons, so his partner Dave steps in to see if he can help re-motivate him by joining Wez in class. Shy pupil Charisma has been helping senior partner Hanif learn English and giving him tips on how to send emails. Hanif reciprocates by helping Charisma with her driving lessons - and as a result Charisma's confidence is growing by the day.

The school organises a special event inviting potential sponsors, educational specialists and charities to hear from the junior and senior partners themselves about the project and their new friendships, hoping to generate funding to guarantee Old School has a future. Will the Bikers' experiment see the school raise enough cash to continue long after the cameras stop rolling?

And the results of the scientific testing are in: have the senior participants achieved improvements in mobility, strength and memory during the course of the project? And will there be improvements in the behaviour and confidence of the Oxford Academy pupils? Time will tell as the GCSE results are revealed.

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