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For actors, a name in the Latin character set is always preferred. If an actor's original name is non-Latin (e.g. Kanji or Cyrillic), credits in any movie or TV show the actor has ever starred in can be used to find a Romanized (converted to Latin script) version of their name. Regardless of the ordering in the credits, the first name should always come first and the last name/family name second. 

As with all information posted to TVmaze, official sources (such as on-screen credits, subtitles, official websites, press releases, Blu-ray booklets, etc.) are preferred. We are aware that anime, in particular, presents a unique challenge, and if none of these sources are available in English, two third-party sites have been vetted for for Asian-based programs: and Please note, that these sites should be used as a last resort for finding information, and are an exception to the no third-party rule. 


Any other names used for this person in an official TV credit should be added as AKA. Additionally, if a person's birth name/real name differs from their commonly credited name, it may be added as AKA.

An AKA may only be added when the name significantly differs from their primary name. For example, if the only difference is punctuation or capitalization, no AKA should be added.


The gender for this person. If their gender is not known or not applicable, the field should be left empty. If their gender is known, but is neither (exclusively) male or female, it should be set to "other".


The country of birth for this person.


The day this person was born.

Day of death

The day this person passed away. If the person is still alive, this field should be left empty.


A brief biography of this person's personal life and career. A biography should be concise, its length should generally not exceed three paragraphs. With the exception of one or two highlights, the biography should not sum up a any information already available elsewhere on the TVmaze page for this person such as TV credits. It can contain information that's not available on TVmaze such as movie credits. However, a biography should be written in story form, it should not contain any bulk facts (bullet points).

Mind that our general copyright policy applies to biographies as well; text cannot be copied from external sources unless they explicitly permit this.

The gallery can be used to upload one or more pictures of the person. Images here should be as neutral as possible, without clothing or make-up that belongs to a specific character they played (such an image can be uploaded to the character's gallery). Headshots are preferred but either way the image must be in the portrait format.

Only the person's main image gets significant exposure, uploading additional images is allowed but should be done in moderation. A good use case would be to upload images of the person at various ages with varying appearances.

Images should always be uploaded at the highest available resolution and quality; thumbnails are generated automatically.


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