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Episode and Character screencaps


Acceptable formats and content

1) Screencaps directly taken from an episode where the source resolution is 720p (1280x720)* or higher.

1.2) Episode screencaps or character images can be taken from official websites, provided they meet the policy's episode gallery requirements.
In this case the highest available resolution has to be used.

1.3) Episode screencaps can contain a network/webchannel logo. (See Exceptions 2.2)

Unacceptable formats and content

2.1) Screencaps where compression is visible. Most noticeable in dark not well-lit images. 
Example image

2.2) Episode screencaps are not allowed to contain any third-party logo or watermarks.

2.3) Stretched/squeezed images.

2.4) Low resolution/Blurry images


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