Find episode information for any show on any device. anytime, anywhere!

With TVmaze you can track your favorite shows from your phone, tablet or laptop.
From a browser, Android, iOS or Windows.

A tablet, smartphone and laptop displaying how the calendar and schedule look on each device.


Show Information

A screenshot of the show page for One-Punch Man

Find Summaries, episode information, character descriptions, trailers, cast/crew/guest information.

Episode lists

A preview of the episode list with shows marked as watched and acquired.

A list of the episode numbering, episode name, rating and whether you've watched the episode.
'Alternate Episode Lists' are also available. (f.e. dvd ordering)

Episode Calendar

A preview of the calendar tv guide displaying information for shows that are being followed.

Find out when episodes are airing for shows you're following in just one click.


A timetable of primetime shows.
Filter the 'Schedule' by language, country, genre, the shows you follow...


Monitor your favorite shows, how many episodes there are left to watch, what episodes you haven't watched yet, and where you need to pick things up again.


Check the previous/next episode for the shows you're following. The 'Show Status' lets you know if a show is running, ended or has been cancelled.


Find out how many days are left until your favorite tv show airs again.


Tag your shows to allow for better organisation. Tags work as filters in tools such as the watchlist and calendar.

TV Watch Statistics

How many hours do you watch tv weekly? What's your favorite genre? Statistics gives you an overview of your TV habits.


ICAL feed

Integrate your personalized TVmaze airdate calendar to external applications such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

RSS feed

RSS feeds for your followed shows, tagged shows, or your personalized countdown.


General API

If you want to add TV information to your website or app.
We provide a fast and clean REST API that's easy to use.

User API

Gain read and write API access to your TVmaze account. With it, you can manage your account from 3rd party applications, from your own scripts or simply create backups of your data.

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All switched over, thanks for the awesome service
Just found out about your site and I think i’m in love. keep up the good work!
TvMaze provides our Android App (Episode Guide) with a low latency, easy to use API surface with excellent customer support when we have needed it.