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Customized Calendar

TVmaze features an intuitive, simple and customizable calendar that gives you a comprehensive list of show airdates. Find out if your favorite shows are airing any new episodes in just one click.

No need to install apps, plugins or anything of the sorts. TVmaze is responsive and adapts to any screen size.

Personal Watchlist

With the TVmaze watch list you are able to see how many episodes you've watched for any of your favorite shows, how many episodes there are left to watch, what episodes you haven't watched yet and the episodes you've already watched.

You no longer have to wonder if you've already watched an episode or not. You have a clear overview on where you are in the timeline of a show.

tv show episode watchlist
tv show schedule

Detailed Schedule

Customize your TVmaze schedule with the shows you love. List all the episodes that are set to air on a given date, from the major networks down to the niche shows you've never heard of. The shows that you're following are automatically highlighted, for an instant overview of what matters to you.

From the schedule page you can quickly get to detailed episode information and view episode trailers.

Detailed Show and Episode pages

TVmaze provides detailed show and episode information. Airdates for previous and future episodes; cast, guest cast and crew information; character information; episode trailers and promotional stills.

All show information on TVmaze is rigorously controlled by the editors and contributors to ensure high quality. Everyone at TVmaze works together with the goal of providing the most accurate, comprehensive and intuitive TV Guide on the Internet.

Detailed episode page


If you're a true TV addict and follow a lot of shows, you can tag your shows to allow for better organisation. Creating a tag automatically makes it available as a filter in your watch list and calendar.

TV Watching Statistics

Everyone loves statistics. How many hours do you watch per day/week/month/yearly? What are your favorite genres? How many hours have you watched total? And many more statistics to keep track of your watching behaviour.


The Achievement Badges are designed to award the most passionate and active members of TVmaze. Unlocking Achievement Badges is easy and fun.

ICAL feed

Integrate your personalized TVmaze airdate calendar to external applications such as Google Calendar or Outlook.


If you want to add TV information to your website or app. We provide a fast and clean REST API that's easy to use.

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