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HBO Canada

HBO Canada is a Canadian premium cable and satellite television channel that is primarily devoted to original programming and special events sourced from the HBO and Cinemax subscription services in the United States, as well as domestic motion pictures.

HBO Canada is not available as a standalone channel, but as one multiplex channel within two regional premium television services: The Movie Network (TMN), which is available in Eastern Canada, and Movie Central, which is offered in Western and Northern Canada. Territorial broadcast rights to HBO Canada by either service within the provinces are separated at the Ontario-Manitoba border (Movie Central holds rights to the west of that border and TMN holds rights to the east of the border).

As different multiplex channels of a single pay service cannot have separate sets of owners, each service's parent company (Bell Media for TMN, Corus Entertainment for Movie Central) officially retains full ownership of the HBO Canada channel in their respective territories. However, in practice the channel is jointly managed by both companies, and thus the HBO Canada schedule is common to both services, except that TMN's feed of the channel operates on an Eastern Time Zone schedule while Movie Central feeds the same programming two hours later on Mountain Time.

Time Warner, the parent company of HBO and Cinemax, is not a shareholder in HBO Canada, and only licenses the name, logo and programming to Bell and Corus.

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