SVT2 is one of two television channels broadcast by Sveriges Television in Sweden.

Launched in 1969 by Sveriges Radio, the channel was the most watched in Sweden for many years, but now serves as SVT's specialist television network, carrying more highbrow and minority programming compared to the more mainstream SVT1.

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Vetenskapens värld
Vetenskapens värld

The world of science is a science TV documentary program broadcast on Swedish Television.

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Nya Perspektiv

Nya Perspektiv is a collective name for recurring reports and films created by foreign and sign lang…

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Trollhättans FF

A series about some middle age in-band enthusiasts who live their dream. Two years ago, there was no…

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Här är mitt museum

Minna Joenniemi meets passionate collectors and visits museums created by private individuals.

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Camillas klassiska

Camilla Lundberg meets live and dead master. In each section, we learn to know one of today's greate…

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