Crime & Investigation

Crime+Investigation investigates the darker corners of human life. It offers viewers stories of real life crime that are the inspiration behind their favourite TV dramas – and often more incredible.

CI's programming opens the door to real crime labs, police archives and courtrooms, allowing viewers to join detectives as they examine evidence and piece together clues. It journeys to the heart of the criminal underworld, and uncovers the truth behind the headlines of some of the world's most infamous crimes.

CI is dedicated to true crime stories, because fact is darker than fiction.

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  • Crimes That Shook Britain

    Crimes That Shook Britain

    Dermot Murnaghan joins us as we uncover the truth behind the crimes that shocked the nation in a bra…

  • Britain's Darkest Taboos

    Britain's Darkest Taboos

    Series following harrowing reconstructions and real-life testimony of those involved in brutal killi…

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