Lionsgate Television

Lionsgate Television is the television division of Lions Gate Entertainment, an entertainment company. It is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded in 1997 with the establishment of Lions Gate Films. In 1998, they've acquired documentary/reality production company Termite Art Productions, and was reacquired by Erik Nelson in 2004 and renamed Termite Art as Creative Differences.

On July 12, 2006, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. expanded into television syndication when the company acquired television distribution company Debmar-Mercury. Before the acquisition, Debmar-Mercury syndicated the Lionsgate film library. 20th Television is handling ad-sales to the series distributed by Debmar-Mercury with the exception for Meet the Browns, as the ad-sales are handled by Disney-ABC Domestic Television and Turner Television co-distributing the series. On March 13, 2012, Lionsgate Television formed a new 50/50 joint venture with Thunderbird Films, a company founded by Frank Giustra, who was the founder and chairman of Lionsgate. The new venture is called Sea to Sky Entertainment.