HISTORY® takes viewers on a journey through the ages, connecting our modern world with its historic roots in a way that is absorbing, exciting, and often surprising. Its high quality programming challenges perceptions of the past, telling stories of well known adventures and those that have remained hidden over time. Through contemporary filmmaking techniques, vivid reconstruction and gripping narrative, HISTORY transports you from the sofa into the thick of the action.

Available on:

Sky Digital - 529 and 530 (+1)

Virgin Media - 234

BT - 432

TalkTalk - 432

Official Site: http://www.history.co.uk/

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Combat Ships
Combat Ships

Combat Ships is a series that shows how technology transformed naval warfare and tells the stories o…

WW2 Treasure Hunters
WW2 Treasure Hunters

WW2 Treasure Hunters pairs Britain's foremost amateur WW2 detectorist with Madness frontman Suggs, a…

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Combat Machines

Combat Machines takes viewers to the heart of the action of how machines have been an essential tool…

River Hunters
River Hunters

In River Hunters, Rick Edwards and river-searching expert Beau Ouimette visit some of the most histo…

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Pirate Traders

Cameras follow treasure hunters the Pirates Inc on high-pressure and often dangerous missions to ret…

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