RLTV (known as Retirement Living TV) is an American cable television network targeted at a demographic aged 50 years and older. Its topics and programs include health care, finance, travel, lifestyle, comedy, and drama.

RLTV was launched on September 5, 2006. Its program hosts include Florence Henderson, Jean Chatzky, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Lea Thompson and Dr. Kevin Soden. RLTV is now available in 15 million homes in the US. John Palmer was a host until he died in 2013.

RLTV documented the last on-air footage of Walter Cronkite in the form of a series of editorials known as the "Cronkite Chronicles".

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Stanley on the Go

"If you fell, would the canopy break your fall?" Stanley Siegel asks, dangling in a harness high abo…

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