Hijacked Recap

The DC-3 is loaded to the brim with rowdy rig-pigs eager for a weekend in the city. But Bobby, Krista and Dev don't know that one of the passengers is a prisoner being transferred by a plainclothes police officer. A coordinated ambush by the prisoner's brothers leaves the officer stabbed and one of the brothers shot. They need medical attention, fast, but the hijackers won't let Krista fly to Yellowknife. Without thinking, Dev suggests they land at Doc Hossa's lodge - putting Bobby's ex-girlfriend, Petra, and her 10-year-old son Connor, in danger. There's a further complication: Connor is Bobby's son too - the son he has never met, or acknowledged. At Petra's angry insistence, Bobby hides the truth from Connor. But his heart is twisting as he does everything in his power to protect the boy. Meanwhile, when Mel learns Krista's flight has been hijacked, he disregards his doctors' orders and leaps into the pilot's seat to help. With the engine killed to avoid detection, Mel glides in behind Hossa's lodge with police aboard, but the lead hijacker forces Bobby to take off in the DC-3 - a plane Bobby doesn't know how to land. Now everything rests on Mel's ability to talk Bobby back down out of the sky.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016

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