All In Recap

Arctic Air is paying the price for Bobby's run-in with the well-connected and vindictive Ronnie Dearman as contracts drop faster than the temperature in Yellowknife. Unable to make payroll, Bobby orchestrates a chance meeting with Rafael Silva, a wealthy industrialist who needs a lift and just happens to have a mining contract that could save Arctic Air. Bobby hasn't done much flying over the last ten years and the take-off is rough. The landing... even worse. Rafael figures out Bobby's plan and isn't pleased to have been conned. Still needing a way to cover payroll, Bobby charms his way into a high-stakes poker game with none other than Ronnie Dearman across the table. Without the buy-in, Bobby is forced to use Mel's plane as collateral. Meanwhile, Arctic Air accepts a supply run that has to go perfectly if they hope to turn a profit. But when the load breaks free mid-flight, pinning Blake underneath, Krista is forced to choose between her duty as a captain and her personal feelings for Blake. With the DC-3 running low on fuel, Krista risks the lives of everyone on board in an attempt to save Blake.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016