All the Vital Things Recap

While trying to salvage a multi-million dollar contract at a remote northern mine, Bobby spots a Dene elder collapse. The man is Louie Beaulac, an old friend of Bobby's father. Exhausted and disoriented, Louie has spent two months walking home from Yellowknife to escape treatment for dementia. Worried that Louie can no longer survive on the land, Bobby resorts to lying: he promises to fly Louie home. But it isn't long before Louie realizes Bobby has tricked him into flying south. He lunges at the cargo door, forcing Bobby to restrain him before he jumps from 7,500 feet.Meanwhile, Mel puts Kirby to the test, determined to find out if the kid really has what it takes to be a flight engineer for Arctic Air. And to Krista's annoyance, Mel insists on making a detour to Sibbeston Lake to deliver insulin to the community health centre. The stop has less to do with altruism and everything to do with the attractive nurse, Rita. In her arms, Mel feels safe to unburden his darkest fears.While waiting to take off again for YK, Bobby wonders if he made a mistake "rescuing" Louie up north; maybe bringing him back to the city is a fate worse than death. But before he can make it up to Louie, a freak storm hits, stranding them in white out conditions. Kirby, desperate to impress Mel, braves the elements to check on the plane and is swallowed by the blizzard. Bobby must trust Louie with his life in order to save Kirby's.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016