Vancouver is Such a Screwed-Up City Recap

The Arctic Air crew travels to a plane auction in Vancouver to buy a new DC-3. A competing bidder drives up the price and leaves Mel and Bobby scrambling to find the extra money to pay for the plane they just bought. Bobby decides to hit up his ex-boss for a loan, but first he needs to finish selling his upscale condo - his last tie to his old life. Bobby arrives at the condo expecting to meet his realtor, but instead, discovers his volatile ex-girlfriend hasn't moved out. Meanwhile, Blake, hurt by Krista's refusal to go public with their relationship, meets with a recruiter from a large Canadian airline. When Krista discovers Blake has accepted the new job, she takes it as a personal betrayal and turns to Bobby for support. Bobby invites Krista up for a drink, only to have his ex-girlfriend drop a bombshell that sends Krista running and leaves Bobby scrambling. Bobby has less than twenty-four hours to raise almost two hundred grand and put things right with the women in his life. And that's when things really go off the rails.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016