The Professional Recap

Mel flies Caitlin and her raucous teammates home from a volleyball tournament in Inuvik. Above the din, he befriends one of the other passengers on the plane - Ben Berdee - not realizing Berdee is a hitman sent up by a southern gang to "fix" a rat problem. Their flight lands just as the ice-fog rolls in, stranding the dangerous hitman in Yellowknife. Berdee enlists the help of local drug kingpin, Zach Ward, to get him out of town before the cops arrest him for the murder in Inuvik. But Zach has a problem of his own: Nelson, the kid he's been using to smuggle drugs on Arctic Air flights, is a police informer. When Mel and Bobby realize Nelson is Berdee's next target, they put their own lives on the line to find him before the killer does.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016

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