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Drop in for Lunch Recap

A faulty gauge grounds Mel's plane, stranding Mel, Doc Hossa, Loreen and Caitlin near Watson Lake where they've traveled for a funeral. They hitch a ride back to Yellowknife on a competing airline, subjecting the pilot to Mel as his backseat driver. But Mel's concerns are warranted when the pilot fails to act on a warning light indicating a potential fire in the electrical system. As smoke fills the cockpit, Mel takes over and braces everyone for the inevitable crash. In YK, news of the downed plane throws the Arctic Air family into chaos. The search and rescue team, based out of Ontario, is hours away and the temperature is dropping. Bobby orders Cece and Kirby to outfit the DC-3 as a medevac to retrieve survivors. Meanwhile, Krista and Blake fly over the crash site - it's impossible to imagine anyone could've walked away from the wreckage below. But Krista is determined to land. After a frantic ground search that reveals the dead pilot, Krista and Blake are shocked to find Mel, alive and tending single-handedly to the others. Bobby prepares to fly the DC-3 to the crash site, but he has never flown the plane on skis. With Mel, Loreen, Doc Hossa and Caitlin's lives hanging in the balance, Cece and Dev volunteer to fly the daring rescue mission with Bobby.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016