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Maid of Honor (1) Recap

Wonder Woman attends a party in Paris and meets Bruce Wayne (unaware he's Batman) when Princess Audrey of Kasnia is kidnapped by criminals. Wonder Woman rescues her and ends up as the somewhat flighty princess' protector and party-escort as she celebrates her last night before entering into an arranged marriage. Meanwhile, Batman deals with thieves who are after a control card controlling an orbital space platform. They escape with the card, but Batman captures one and interrogates him and connects him to Kasnia. Wonder Woman meets Audrey's fiancée who is apparently . . . Vandal Savage (of "The Savage Time"). Savage claims he is Vandal Savage the 3rd, and the Nazi villain was his grandfather. Savage is working to perfect a Kasnian space program . Savage has a minion poison Audrey's father King Gustav, then his men go into space and take over an international space station, preparing it for use to launch a mass driver weapon. Wonder Woman pursues Savage and Audrey and Savage's minion Vox uses a built-in sonic weapon to deter her, while Audrey holds the marriage as planned.

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Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

Written by JuanArango on Oct 15, 2016

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