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Episode 2 Recap

With their victim now identified, Cassie and Sunny's search for David Walker's killer is underway. Having pulled a selection of partial messages and numbers from the pager found with his body, the team hope that BT will be able to track down their sources in the hope that this may shed some light on his final movements.

Whilst they wait, David's wife Tessa Nixon is interviewed by Cassie and Sunny where she reveals that David suffered from depression, which had put a big strain on their marriage. As a result, when he went missing, she assumed that he has either suffered a breakdown or killed himself – she never considered that he'd been murdered. It's her son, Jason, who is most affected by his father's murder though, struggling to come to terms with the fact that David didn't leave them voluntarily all those years ago.

As the team reassess the initial investigation into David's disappearance, a travel card is discovered with an address written on the back. Could these new pieces of evidence contain clues as to who killed David?

Written by TomSouthwell on Jan 16, 2017

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