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Episode 7 Recap

Lucian waits at a memorial, commemorating those who lost their lives in WW1. He’s joined by Asper, who remarks he looks tired: the perils of a double life. All becomes clear – Asper is Lucian’s contact, a connection taking any and all information that he has to feed. They go to sit in the nearby church and Lucian imparts what Adil has gleaned from being forced to snoop. Even this, unfortunately, is not enough, as Asper’s sharp tone makes clear. Lucian feels the threat, keenly. Toby’s working late – he slides the latest stats into his briefcase, ready to take home with him.

We follow him there, as he lies in bed, watching Adil get dressed. He’s touched as Adil leaves, arranging to have coffee sent up for Toby, working through the night. But as he goes into the bathroom, a nervous and shamefaced Adil reaches into the briefcase, absorbing every piece of information he can…

Betsey sings up a storm in the bar – she catches the eye of a handsome man. And Emma beams as she looks at the invitation to the 50th anniversary of the hotel: as a gesture of his confidence in her, Garland asks Emma to take over running the celebrations.

Lucian comes in, agitated from his meeting: he goes straight to the bar, where he finds a grave Adil, who gives him the necessary information, but tries to break ties. Lucian is having none of it: he’s more emphatic than ever. Betsey finishes her set and comes off stage, where she’s surprised to see the handsome man, who’s followed her back. He’s charming, but insistent that she have a drink with him. Sonny has to intervene, and the incident is on the surface dealt with in a civil manner. But Noel, our handsome man, is jolted when he turns back to see Betsey in an embrace with the black band leader…this can’t spell good news.

Garland watches Dora being evacuated: Feldman hangs back, awkwardly.

Emma goes to Joe’s room, needing a favour – she wants to bounce ideas off him about the anniversary party. Glibly, he mentions asking her for dinner, and is shocked when she agrees – this is new.

Serious looking men arrive at the hotel, and make their way to Garland – they’ve a warrant to enter and search the premises. What’s this about? The answer arrives at Toby’s breakfast table, as he sits with his mother and Lucian. He’s confronted by these men, but doesn’t, initially understand their motive when they ask him to come with them. Lady H does, and she’s scared…as is Lucian, who knows exactly what this is about.

The men from MI5 upend Toby’s entire room: she panics, but Lucian swoops in, all calm and control – it belies his quiet terror as he sees the very documents he forced Adil to pour over being handled by the officials.

Lucian, in a panic, seeks Adil out, and we see his nasty side fully out in the open: he will ruin Adil if his own safety is compromised. Toby’s safety is very much in danger – he begins his interrogation, unsure what he could have done wrong: he’s horrified as he learns the explanation.

Freddie returns in crisis mode – Joe and Emma, walking closely and planning their date, spring apart. Joe is immediately shut out of the situation: it’s clear he’s riled. Freddie calls together Garland, Emma, Lucian and his mother, as they attempt to work out the best strategy to clear Toby’s name. Lucian must tread a fine line between naked self-preservation and being seen to do the best for the Hamiltons.

Garland, busy enough in the midst of crisis, has another problem: Noel. He’s waiting in Garland’s office, to lodge a complaint about Sonny, who he claims assaulted him. Garland goes to Sonny – he knows that he’s not in the wrong here, but nonetheless must apologise to placate the guest. What will Sonny do?

Power goes down at the hotel. Garland finds Feldman trying to work the generator, and realizes the source of him acting strangely: he’s dealing with grief over Billy’s death, and can’t face Peggy, lest he crack in front of her. When Peggy learns of this, she tells him that on the contrary, she needs to hear that he misses him: it gives Billy’s life meaning.

And Freddie succeeds in getting his brother out, although Toby’s interrogator makes it clear it’s not his call. As Garland and Freddie share a glass of whisky, Freddie uses their new found working relationship to express his desire to try and mend things with Emma. Garland only has one wish – that he never sees her hurt again. Freddie goes to find her, but couldn’t have picked a worse time.

And Toby returns: Freddie greets him, and calls for him to come and dine with his mother and Lucian. But Toby has one thing to settle first.

Written by TomSouthwell on Feb 6, 2017

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