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Frontiers Recap

Sheltered at a Polish resistance camp, Alfred and Neil meet with leader Janowski, who’s holding Faber hostage, and has no idea they’re working together. Neil teeters on the edge of violence, blaming Faber for the comrades they’ve lost. Alfred struggles to keep Neil in line and work on a rescue plan–getting Faber out of the camp alive is the only way they can get close to Operation Marigold.

Meanwhile, Aurora finds herself cut off from the others, alone and undercover as Helene Bauer. She’s sickened to learn what her new job entails at the Race and Resettlement office in Pruszko, Poland.

Back at Camp X, Krystina demands an explanation: why is Sinclair sending two young trainees into the field in Poland instead of her? Sinclair refuses to give a straight answer.

Written by cerberus40 on Feb 16, 2017

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