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The Hunt Recap

The team now knows Operation Marigold is the brainchild of Professor Voigt, a reclusive scientist working on a secret formula for synthetic oil production that will propel the Nazis to victory. Their new goal is clear: assassinate Voigt.

Aurora realizes the only way she can get close to their target is to get Schmidt to invite her to Berlin for the Reich’s 10th Anniversary, where the professor will be receiving an award. To earn the exclusive invitation, she must prove she is a committed Nazi — which corners her into a shocking and unspeakable act.

Meanwhile, German troops are descending on the Polish town of Nadzieja, aiming to “purge” it to make room for incoming German settlers. Alfred and Neil join forces with the Resistance guerrillas and stage a fierce battle in the streets. Alfred is deeply shaken by the random, senseless death of innocents and his memory begins to overwhelm him. Aurora can’t shrug off the horror of living in Helene Bauer’s world and finds herself drawn closer to Faber. Schmidt presents Sabine with an unsettling gift.

Written by cerberus40 on Feb 23, 2017

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