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Episode 5 Recap

It's Founders Day at the college and all the old alumni are expected back. Angela briefs the students about the good behaviour that is expected of them and reveals a celebrity guest alumnus, Mr Crispin Hunter. News of his attendance causes a stir with Edmund as the two share a murky past.

Maddy's fiance arrives for the celebrations. Gethin's greeting is overly enthusiastic and we get the feeling Maddy's feelings have changed.

Raj and Angus are up to their usual tricks as college fools. Their contribution to the Founders Day celebrations fails to deliver the necessary comic leverage. Dorian has a go at them but they fail to take him seriously.

Angela confides in Gabriel about her worries concerning Dr Cooper. Her findings from his study seem to be making her very anxious. She questions why documents with Richard Arc's personal symbol were found in Coopers cupboard. Angela also reveals why she has invited Crispin to the event; she believes he holds the key to her gaining control at the college - without Edmund.

The alumni arrive. Millionaire Crispin makes a dramatic entrance with Claudette his glamorous assistant.

Angela takes Crispin on a guided tour of the college facilities and exhibitions. The art exhibition offers up quite a surprise when Rosalind shows her display of deliberately controversial erotic paintings and sculptures. They cause quite a stir with both Angela and Crispin, for totally different reasons.

Crispin and Edmund come face to face in the Biology lab. We learn the background of their feud. Whilst at college Maltravers and the rest of the Dandelions subjected Crispin to years of humiliation; mocking and bulling him as a college fool. Crispin reveals the revenge he now seeks.

Crispin and Claudette detail their plans to reform the college teaching methods, get rid of Edmund and give full control to Angela. Edmund appears calm and disdainful, shrugging off Crispin's threats.

Edmund and Dr Cooper try to unravel the identity of the vandal. Dr Cooper expresses his concerns about the missing transplant and how this will affect the project.

Gethin is holding court in the student bar, boring Theo to death with his bad jokes. Maddy is less than impressed and it is clear her feelings now lie elsewhere.

Dorian shows Crispin around the Dandelion club. Dorian discovers that Charlotte Arc's father, Richard, was president in the years that Crispin was a college fool. Dorian tells Charlotte who is horrified.

Dorian mysteriously arrives at Rosalind's room with a package containing a wedding dress. He tells her that his father wishes her to check it is the correct size. Rosalind seems strained and anxious. Dorian urges her to break off her relationship with Theo. She is reluctant, saying she 'can't tell him the truth.'

Charlotte introduces herself to Crispin, asking him about her father. He tells her that her father was horrible. She is devastated. Straight after, Dorian and the rest of The Dandelion Club burst in and announce that they will, in tradition, be taking the alumni hostage. Angela tries to intervene but is turned away.

Edmund collects a vial of narcotic substance from Dr Cooper. He uses it to drug Crispin's PA to extract information from her.

Back at The Dandelion Club the debauchery is in full swing. Charlotte manages to sneak in and talk to Crispin privately. He delivers the blow that her father was having an affair with Angela Donne for four years.

Rosalind ends her relationship with Theo based on the secret surrounding the wedding dress.

A fight breaks out between Gethin and the Dandelion's over the lewd comments they direct at Maddy. In the scramble Maddy looses her necklace (containing the transplant) and Dorian discovers it on the floor.

Maddy finally decides to break up with Gethin realising that she is falling for Theo.

Angela, Crispin, Gabriel and Claudette gather to sign the legal agreement about the college. Just as he's about to sign, Edmund calls Crispin away and blackmails him with the highly damaging information given up by a drugged Claudette. To save face Crispin withdraws his support from the agreement.

A visibly angry and upset Charlotte confronts Angela about her father's infidelity.

Back in Edmund's study, in the wake of all the hedonism, Dorian hands over the transplant to the Dean. Edmund is visibly elated and Dorian is similarly pleased to have proven himself as a worthy dandelion Club President.

Written by Aidan on May 13, 2017

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