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Episode 6 Recap

Raj and Angus are out enjoying a relaxing bout of fishing when the frivolities are interrupted by Ross's corpse emerging from the lake.

Meanwhile Angela visits an increasingly frustrated Jonty who is busy taking his anger out on a punching bag. She tries to pursue him to start re-joining lectures to which he scoffs at her pleas stating he

When Dr Cooper goes to retrieve his mail he gets an unsuspected shock when he finds heart in his pigeon hole with a sinister note saying 'I know what you've done...'
Dorian taunts a dejected Rosalind by saying he's received an invite to her impending wedding to which she tells him to 'sod off' and declares she intends to enjoy her final four weeks of freedom with other men.

After Professor Coopers disturbing threat, he and Maltravers decide to examine Ross's bloated corpse and are shocked to discover the implant has already been removed.

Theo continues to wallow in self pity after his split with Rosalind and decides to confront her on her brazen attitude. This altercation only serves to drive Rosalind to try and seduce her tutor Gabriel.

After swallowing a piece of the implant that he removed from Ross's buttocks Jonty starts to feel stronger, more viral but most of all, more aggressive. As the changes start to take effect he ends up picking a fight with one of the other Dandelions which is eventually broken up by Dr Cooper.

Meanwhile Dorian continues his attempts to court Charlotte which unsurprisingly ends in disaster.

After comforting a shaken Jonty he discovers it is in fact him sending the threatening messages. When Maltravers finds out about Jonty's plans to expose him and Cooper he gives him a deadly ultimatum.

Rosalind eventually gets Gabriel by himself and attempts to seduce him. She almost succeeds until he finally comes to his senses and asks her to leave his class room. Facing rejection and the thought of an impending arranged marriage, Rosalind breaks down.

Written by Aidan on May 13, 2017

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