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Episode 8 Recap

Maltravers has to face the consequences of his actions as Lord Ravensbury comes back to clear up the matter of Maltravers' murder of the Envoy.

Lord Ravensbury checks in with the Project to discover the verdict of Maltravers' fate and he reveals he is deemed more important to them alive than dead.

Rosalind wakes to find Theo watching over her after her drunken situation from the ball. In a tender moment between them she admits she still has feelings for him and they kiss. Moments after Lord Ravensbury barges in and throws Theo out. He makes it clear to Rosalind that her wedding's been brought forward and she has no choice but to accept her destiny.

Maltravers tries in vain to dissuade the Warden from calling the plebiscite and she offers him an ultimatum. Tell her what he's hiding within the confines of the club and she'll call it off, he plays dumb and the council meeting is called to abolish the Dandelion Club - but where is Charlotte?

Angus and Raj fall out after Angus went off with the Korean girls and as temperatures come to boil they end up having fight to divide up their stash of weed.

Meanwhile Lord Ravensbury checks in on Lancelot and learns that after so many earlier failed experiments, Jonty (while under sedation) is proving to be a huge success. He appears to be elated with Dr Cooper's progress with the project but then gives him a terrible ultimatum for his previous failings...

After their kiss at the ball The Warden tries to clear the air with Gabriel and only succeeds in upsetting him.

Charlotte is held at Dorian's pleasure and Dorian has a short time to win over Charlotte after his betrayal. Charlotte uses all her charms to get out of the situation she is in but things go from bad to worse when Dr Cooper finds them...

Rosalind makes a last attempt to escape from the web she is caught in by trying to run away with Theo.

Dr Cooper feels the strain as things come to a head between him and Charlotte and just as the situation reaches a dire point a surprise stranger intervenes.

Written by Aidan on May 13, 2017

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