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The Loved One Recap

As their murder investigation leads Robin and Miranda deeper into the dark side of Sydney's sex industry, a startling revelation sends the case in a new direction. And Robin's first meeting with her daughter Mary is put into jeopardy by Mary's adoptive mother Julia.

Robin and Miranda continue their murder investigation, with pathologist Ray (Geoff Morrell) conducting an autopsy that will reveal more than expected about the young woman he case-names 'China Girl'. Realising that the young woman was a sex worker, Robin enquires into a series of brothels in Sydney, unaware that one of these brothels is home to Puss, the boyfriend of her daughter Mary.

Longing to make contact with Mary, Robin contacts her adoptive parents, Julia and Pyke, who agree to a meeting. Robin and Julia immediately clash, but Pyke agrees to put Robin in touch with Mary - and for the first time ever, Robin is set to meet the daughter she gave up for adoption.

Written by deleted on Aug 3, 2017

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