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One Wonderful Day Recap

Felicia takes in Paul's son, Zach, informing him that Paul will not be returning. Zach violently attacks Felicia, forcing her to reveal that Mike has taken Paul away to kill him. Later that day, Susan goes to Mike's house to feed his dog and discovers Zach waiting with a gun. He holds Susan hostage and explains his plan to kill Mike when he returns home. Meanwhile, Mike takes Paul to a desert and coerces him into explaining the truth behind Dierdre's death. Paul explains that twelve years earlier, Dierdre, a drug addict, sold Mary Alice and Paul her baby. The couple relocate to Wisteria Lane to avoid the discovery of their crime. Sometime later, a sober Dierdre finally tracked down the Young family and attempted to take her son back. Mary Alice stabbed and killed Dierdre to prevent her from taking Zach. Together, Mary Alice and Paul buried Dierdre's body beneath their pool.

Rex learns that he will have to undergo surgery following his heart attack. Before the operation, Rex's doctor suggests that Bree may have been poisoning him, citing their marital issues as a possible motive. Rex writes a note informing Bree that he understands and forgives her and dies soon after. During Carlos's trial, John informs Carlos that he had been having an affair with Gabrielle, sending Carlos into a violent outburst in the courthouse. Elsewhere, Lynette learns that Tom has quit his job as a result of Lynette's betrayal. He then decides that she will go back to work and he will be a stay-at-home father.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 25, 2017