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You'll Never Get Away From Me Recap

On a visit to Rex's grave, Bree is horrified to discover that they've dug up his body. Her mother-in-law Phyllis has "forgotten" to tell her about the insurance investigator's suspicions that Rex was poisoned. Bree promptly packs Phyllis's bags and sends her off in a taxi—and then insists on taking a polygraph test to clear herself of all suspicion. But when they ask her if she loves George, the readout spikes. She tells George that he has to take a polygraph test too, because now they suspect the two of them of conspiring to poison Rex. When he asks why she didn't pass her test, she admits she might have feelings for him after all. George agrees—and aces his test by telling lies so convincing that the detector shows he even believes them himself.

Carlos tells Gabrielle she's never really apologized for her affair and she throws in his face how much John said he loved her. On a nostalgic impulse, she follows John to his new job and is horrified to see him disappearing inside with the woman whose lawn he's cutting. After seeing them kissing, she grabs an electric hedge trimmer and destroys the woman's rose bushes. When John confronts her, she admits she did it, and asks how he can be with someone new if he still loves her. He says he'll dump the other woman if she wants him back but she reluctantly says no, it's better this way. At last she can go back to Carlos and tell him she is truly sorry. Carlos tells her it's the best anniversary present she ever gave him. And she tells him that her new car, which she bought without his knowledge, is the best present he's ever given her.

Lynette's new boss, Nina, says no when she asks to take the morning off to bring Parker to school for his first day. So Lynette rigs up a remote camera so she can be there—only she keeps getting called away to a meeting. She maneuvers a piping hot mug of coffee so that it spills in Nina's lap, canceling the meeting. She's then free to talk to Parker through his first day.

Mike goes to see how Felicia is doing and asks if she knows where he might be able to find Zach. She says that after Zach beat her and pushed her down the stairs, she's a little less interested in his well-being. She's also disappointed to hear that he didn't end up killing Paul and warns he'll be back looking for Zach himself.

Susan is furious to find out that Edie is going to accompany Julie on guitar in a church family talent show. She goes to Betty for help in brushing up her piano playing skills, but she catches her at a bad time, just as their mysterious prisoner in the basement has gotten free and had to be forcibly subdued. Betty refuses to help or let her in and explains the red stains on her shirt are because she was making a cherry pie.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

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