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That's Good, That's Bad Recap

Bree Van De Kamp has always been the envy of most suburban housewives much due to the fact of her elegant dinner parties. At these treasured events, Bree will always treat her guests as though they were part of her family between the size of food portions, alcohol consumption and the excellent conversations. As she hosts yet another not very different party for an upcoming charity ball, the dinner is interrupted by George singing into a karaoke machine outside. When Bree comes out to tell him to stop, he refuses which causes Bree to sink to drastic measures. She tells her guests who look concerned to return to their seats as Bree takes care of what is going on outside. George continues to sing and Bree pulls out her shotgun and shoots at the speaker. George is immediately stopped by Bree's action and the guests listen in horror as a gunshot is heard. The following day, Bree is stalked by George who wants to rekindle their engagement. Bree asks him to leave and drives off in her car. While visiting Dr. Goldfine in the hospital, Bree discovers that George may be his attacker. Bree takes no time in calling the police who begin to search George's home for evidence. When George comes home from the grocery shopping, he is shocked to find a police squad who are searching George's home. George drops his groceries in horror and calls Bree. Bree refuses to answer causing George to leave a very worrisome message. Bree finally picks up the phone to tell George that she knows that he attacked Dr. Goldfine. George hangs up and runs away hoping the police will not catch him. Later George checks into a hotel where Bree is co-chairing a charity event. George sends a message down with the bell hop informing Bree that he is attempting suicide (by drug overdose) and if she really loves him she will come up and save him. Bree calls Detective Barton who tells her that there is evidence that George poisoned and killed Rex. On the way up to George's room, Bree breaks down in the elevator and pulls the emergency stop button. When she finally calms down, Bree walks to George's room where she demands answers. She tells George she knows what he did to Dr. Goldfine but poisoning Rex was a true blow. George denies both accusations but says that whatever he does, he does for her. George warns Bree that he is in peril and needs help. Bree assures him that she has called an ambulance (when in reality she has not) and quietly waits until George dies.

Carlos is a new man after having been paroled, when Gabrielle discovers his letters to a nun, Sister Mary Bernard, who helped push up his parole case. At first Gabrielle thinks it is a nice idea that he has become more faithful but when she gets a look of Carlos's nun friend she immediately balks claiming she is "young and hot". Carlos assures Gabrielle that their relationship is platonic and that Sister Mary is helping him become a more spiritual person. Gabrielle wants to make sure that Carlos is doing just that when she invites Sister Mary over the following day for lunch. There Sister Mary explains her ministry and how Carlos is becoming more moral and spiritual through their ministry. When Carlos tells Sister that he would like to donate his car to her charity, Gabrielle becomes offended since she will have to share her Aston Martin. Carlos also tells Gabrielle that her shopping privileges will be cut down as well. While Carlos goes to look for the deed to his car, Gabrielle excuses herself from the dining room. Gabrielle manages to stall Carlos by seducing him. The two make love with Sister downstairs. Gabrielle returns downstairs to tell Sister Mary that they had an enjoyable lunch, but Carlos will not be giving up his car and that she should back off. Sister Mary tells Gabrielle that she has no intentions of leaving since Carlos is still prone to violence and crime. Sister Mary advises Gabrielle and Carlos to get an annulment. Gabrielle asks Sister Mary, "What kind of nun are you?" and gives Sister Mary a threat that she will bring her down if she comes between Gabrielle and Carlos. Sister Mary tells her that if she wants to give a threat she will have to do better than that.

After an unsuccessful pitch to Nina and Ed, Lynette is forced to go back to the drawing board with her idea. When she forgets something from her office, she quickly returns to find Stu, the receptionist and Nina kissing and having sex. As Nina looks up she sees Lynette spying on her telling her to watch out. The following morning while getting the coffee, Lynette advises Nina that sleeping with the help can get her fired. Nina offers Lynette a variety of options in order for her not to tell Ed. Lynette refuses each of them and asks that she only be nicer when it comes to her work attitude. When Nina fires Stu, Lynette automatically assumes it was because of their consensual affair. Lynette then decides to invite Stu over to her home for tea. Lynette talks about their affair and how Nina can get fired if Ed found out what happened. Stu would also be entitled to money if he takes the case to court. Stu decides that he will definitely talk to Ed the following day. The following day, Lynette walks in to work to find Ed firing several of her co-workers including Nina. Ed tells her that Stu was going to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the firm if the firm did not settle. As a result of this, a majority of the workers must be fired in order for the accounts to remain stable. Ed likes Lynette and decides to elevate her to Vice President of Accounts. Nina congratulates Lynette but tells her to "say goodbye to her kids" since she will probably never see them anymore.

Susan meets her father, Addison Prudy who owns a hardware store. Susan decides at first not to tell Addison who she really is since she did not want to shock him. Instead she decides to fill out an application for a job but when he sees that she is overqualified he thinks his wife put her up to this. Susan quickly tells him that she is his daughter and explains to him the situation. Addison leaves for his store room and collapses. Susan quickly calls 911. At the hospital, Addison explains to Susan that he had given Sophie money years prior and told her to keep their affair private. Addison tells Susan she is going to have to leave since his wife and children are coming and that Susan is not considered part of his family. Susan understands this and does not expect a lot, she just wants a father figure. The two are interrupted by Addison's wife, Carol who introduces herself and asks who Susan is. Susan explains to Carol that she is Addison's guardian angel since she was a customer in the store when he collapsed. She gave him CPR and called an ambulance. Carol thanks her for her noble deed. Susan then kisses her father on the cheek and whispers in his ear that she is not giving up.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

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