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Could I Leave You? Recap

After Susan is discharged from the hospital, Dr. Ron arrives in her hospital room to bring her home and to ask her a few questions. Ron asks if she happens to know anyone named Mike, because while under anesthesia Susan professed her love for Mike, much to Ron's chagrin. Susan lies and assures Ron that he is mistaken and that she is not seeing anyone. He then asks if she is married to Karl Mayer because of Nurse Hisel's run-in with him. Susan tells Ron that the relationship is platonic and that Susan only re-married Karl because he has an excellent insurance plan. Ron feels sad that Susan could not afford medical care but is still upset that she did not tell him. Later, Susan invites Dr. Ron and Karl over for dinner where they actually have a good time in each other's company. The plot thickens when Karl purposely breaks a pipe which proceeds to leak. Karl then asks Ron to go across the street and alert the plumber, whom he refers to only as "Delfino". Ron then hurries across the street and explains the situation to Mike. As he gathers his tools, Mike tells Ron to call him by his first name. Immediately, Ron runs out of the house where Susan is already on the street chasing after. Susan then falls out of her wheelchair making it look as if Ron pushed her. Mike sees this and tells him threateningly to never to hurt her. While Mike walks away, Dr. Ron shoves him but the fight is soon broken up. Susan is then left on the street alone. Soon after, Mike tries to patch things up but only makes matters worse since Susan is still angered because of their break-up. She soon regrets her words when Dr. Ron breaks up with her over the phone.

Gabrielle is puzzled when their adoption lawyer continues to present them with "ugly" mothers. Gabrielle tries to convince the lawyer and Carlos that she wants a "pretty baby" meaning that the mother should be at Gabrielle's standards. The Solises find no luck until the lawyer introduces them to Libby, a pole dancer. Libby satisfies Gabrielle's standard for beauty, and it appears that Libby will consent to the adoption. However, after Libby finds out that the Solises are Mexican, she refuses to give them the baby since she feels they may be "underprivileged". Gabrielle scoffs at this and offers Libby a gift to guarantee the baby. Libby agrees which satisfies Gabrielle. Little does Gabrielle know that Libby knows the identity of the father and that she is planning to just use them to get what she wants.

Bree begins attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and befriends her sponsor, Peter. Bree manages to lie to Peter stating that she has been sober for a while and that she is only there to please her son who is convinced she has a problem. Peter tries to delve deeper but Bree avoids his questions. Later at a department store, Bree purchases a few clothing items and has a glass of wine. She then spots Justin and Andrew from a distance at the check out corner. Bree asks why Andrew is there, as he is supposed to be grounded. He shows Bree her credit card, which he stole from her purse. When she says that she'll bring this up in court, Andrew blackmails her. He threatens to lie under oath and say that Bree sexually molested him when he was younger. Bree has no choice but to do nothing. Horrified by the situation, Bree needs a drink. "And leave the bottle," she tells the man. Bree gets extremely drunk and passes out in a dressing room. Hours later, Bree realizes that the store has close, and she is locked in. Bree tries to escape and gets stuck in the security fence. Bree is humiliated by the situation. She doesn't known whom to call, and she decides to settles on her A.A. sponsor, Peter. After helping her, Peter and Bree talk about what happened in the car. Bree reveals that she doesn't like herself anymore, and Peter brings her to realize that she does have a drinking problem.

Lynette and Ed hire a new partner to the advertising firm, Veronica, who is a young mother. When she asks Lynette if she will be able to breastfeed her son Donovan, which she says was a problem at her last job, Lynette tells her it should not be a problem. However, when the other partners learn that Donovan is 5 years old, they find it a little abnormal that she is still breastfeeding. Ed then forces Lynette to confront her and ask her to close the drapes but also to wean him off, as he fears the firm could suffer if a client comes in and sees it. Although Veronica initially defends herself saying that breastfeeding keeps weight off her like exercise can't. And when Lynette confronts her over the age factor, she further defends it with the health advantages of breastfeeding that are proven and she goes on to compare Donovan's behavior in the nursery with the Scavo boys as "proof" of this. She then firmly warns Lynette of legal action if she persists. Later, when it seemed that all was lost, Lynette spots Donovan asking for his mom and asks him if he would like a chocolate milk instead. Donovan takes a liking to the milk and does not want his mother's milk anymore. This causes Veronica to become upset since without nursing she will become fat again. Lynette tries her best to comfort her but is satisfied that her scheme was a success.

Meanwhile on Wisteria Lane, Matthew Applewhite wants to buy Danielle a present for her birthday but cannot because he does not have a job. He asks his mom Betty for money but she does not want him to buy a present for Danielle. He then tells his mother that they should put Caleb away since they will not have to hide anymore and he will be safer. Betty scoffs at this and offers Matthew twenty dollars. When Danielle arrives home, she finds Caleb hiding in her bedroom and he offers her a gift. Danielle tells him to go home, but when Caleb refuses, she shoos him out calling him a freak. Caleb, angered and hurt, runs out of the house.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

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