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It Wasn't Meant to Happen Recap

In the beginning of this episode we see how many women Karl Mayer succeeded to leave without being noticed (in the morning he would say a prayer asking God to let him leave without being noticed, then leave a handwritten farewell message on each woman's pillow and leave the room quietly, a few seconds before that woman would wake up). Karl attempts to quietly break up with Edie in the same way, but is soon caught in the act when he attempts his escape, as Edie's alarm clock sounds before he can leave the room. Edie wakes up, sees the message and storms outside and sees Karl in his red Ford Mustang in the driveway with all his luggage inside. Karl smiles and hurriedly attempts an escape, but can't drive off because the car won't start. Edie angrily confronts Karl, waving the breakup letter in his face. Karl struggles soothe her anger, but to no avail. Edie then turns around to take a garden rake to try and damage the car. Karl then frantically, finally, gets the Mustang to start before Edie can reach him, but before a smiling Karl can even clear the driveway, he crashes right into a passing garbage truck, which completely damages the entire front end of the Mustang. Smoke comes out of the Mustang. Karl is dejected. Mary Alice, narrating to the audience, muses:

"As he sat there, Karl couldn't help but wonder why God had forsaken him. It never occurred to him that God... might be a woman."

Edie, satisfied at seeing much more damage to the beloved Mustang than she could inflict by herself, smiles and drops the rake on the front lawn. Later, Edie seeks comfort from the other wives, especially from Susan, whom Karl has also betrayed. Edie then enlists the help of Susan when she has suspicions about who Karl is cheating with. Edie soon takes Susan to a Hooters-type restaurant and accuses a waitress of being slutty. A fight soon ensues and Susan is forced to intervene when Edie is attacked by several waitresses. The following day, Edie thanks Susan for helping her and alerts her that she has hired a detective to learn who Karl has been spending his time with and not to be alarmed.

While walking baby Lily one afternoon on Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle and Carlos are approached by Dale, Lily's biological father and brother of Frank who is Libby's ex-boyfriend. Dale walks with the Solises who know why he is there and try to prevent him from taking the baby and creating a scene. Dale tells them that he wants the baby back and that although he is not of legal age, his brother Frank will raise the baby. Gabrielle refuses to take part in this since she legally holds temporary custody of the child. The following day, Gabrielle makes a surprise visit to Dale's school where a pep rally is being held. Gabrielle then quietly pulls Dale aside and asks him to sign the papers or she will embarrass him in front of the entire football team. Dale is not intimidated by Gabrielle's threat and proceeds to sit down. Gabrielle then enters the gymnasium and takes the podium and begins to speak to the students who are far from ecstatic. After much convincing, Dale signs the necessary papers granting Gabrielle and Carlos custody and to continue with the adoption. However, minutes later, police arrive at the Solis home to take baby Lily back. Gabrielle is befuddled since Dale signed away his custodial rights. The police officer then tells him that the biological mother (Libby) changed her mind. Gaby berates Libby that she didn't want the baby, but Libby explains how her and her husband are on their feet and want to try the "whole family thing", assuring Gaby she will give them their money back. Gaby tells Libby she doesn't want money but she wants her baby, and pleas with the police offers to no avail. Very emotional, Gaby yells at Libby, who has now taken the baby Lily, that she feeds her and bathes her and rocks her to sleep, and says how Carlos sings to her and says Libby can't take her away because "we've already fallen in love with her!". Libby gets in the squad car with Lily and Gabrielle is then forced to be restrained by Carlos when she becomes extremely emotional, kicking and screaming as the car drives off.

Bree continues to develop feelings for Peter and attempts to kiss him after an A.A. meeting. They are caught by Peter's sexual addiction sponsor, Claude, who gets upset with Peter and tells him to say goodbye to Bree. Peter does as he is told and leaves with his sponsor. Bree later visits Claude at the doughnut shop where he works and demands that he lay off Peter. Claude tells Bree that he cannot since Peter will regress. Bree gets an idea to bring Peter back when she sees a cocaine addict visit Claude. Claude chastises him until he hands Claude the cocaine and leaves. Policemen arrive to buy doughnuts and Bree gives them a tip that Claude is in possession of illegal drugs. A few days later, Peter tells Bree that he is shocked to have learned his that his sponsor was found in possession of drugs. Bree then asks Peter if he would like her to be his sponsor. Peter rejects the offer since she does not understand the addiction. Bree then tries to convince him to accept her offer. Peter later calls Bree from a bathroom at a swinger party and asks that she come pick him up. Bree arrives and she is taken into the bathroom and Peter tells her that this is what he used to be like. Bree tries to assure him that she is caring and will help him to the best of her ability. The two then walk out of the bathroom and leave the party.

To avoid another late night at the office, Lynette tries to help her boss Ed with his marital woes since he is afraid to go home. Lynette persuades Ed to create an aphrodisiac and set the mood for his wife. While chatting with his wife via an instant message, Ed begins to develop writer's block and asks Lynette to help him. Lynette proceeds to set the mood for Ed and Fran,but the following day Ed reveals to Lynette that they had a horrible evening and his wife found out the messages were not from him. To make things worse, Ed promised to fire the employee who wrote the instant message. Ed promises not to fire Lynette because she is a powerful asset at the firm but begins to find dirt on her husband, Tom, to use him as a scapegoat, much to Lynette's chagrin.

Betty Applewhite manages to sell the house without consulting Matthew and warns him that they are leaving. Matthew recommends that instead of moving that they put Caleb away. Betty refuses because Caleb needs his family and that they would be accomplices to his crime. Matthew and Danielle then concoct a scheme to convince Betty to reconsider. One evening, Caleb visits Danielle and attempts to rape her. Bree soon discovers them after hearing Danielle scream and pulls out her gun. Bree then storms into the bedroom and puts Caleb at gunpoint. Danielle asks that Bree not call the police because the Applewhites will also be in trouble. Bree then visits Betty and calls their truce off. Betty agrees and the following morning she and Matthew look at psychiatric facilities. Betty however thinks of a better idea: poisoning Caleb with phenobarbital.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

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