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It Takes Two Recap

Edie catches her 18-year-old nephew, Austin, trying to break into her home. It turns out he is having trouble with his mother, so Edie offers him to stay with her until things at home get better. Julie gets annoyed at the loud music Austin has been playing while cleaning up his bike. Austin and Julie have a confrontation, but there is a spark between the two of them. Julie doesn't want to admit that she has a crush on him.

Susan goes out to dinner with Ian, which is their first official date. The situation gets awkward when they run into his wife's parents. Ian makes Susan to pretend she is the doctor of his wife. Susan tells Ian that she feels that they shouldn't see each other anymore, since they are both in relationships. Ian does not want to walk away from Susan, and Susan agrees to continue seeing him.

Nora is seeing a man named Turk. Lynette is happy because now that Nora is dating, she's around less often. However, Nora and Turk break up and Lynette is trying to find Nora another boyfriend. She then hooks her up with Carlos. When Gabrielle catches Nora dancing with Carlos, Nora tells her that Lynette is the one who introduced the two of them. Gabrielle is upset with Lynette. Lynette tells her how unhappy she is because of Nora, and she is also beginning to resent Tom for bringing this into the family, and she's worried about their marriage. Gabrielle assures her that she and Tom will make it.

Orson and Bree plan on getting married two weeks after becoming engaged. Susan, Lynette, and Gabrielle are her bridesmaids, and they all are worried because they feel Bree is marrying a homicidal maniac. Susan goes to visit Carolyn at the bank where she works, and asks her why she thinks Orson killed Alma. Carolyn tells her that when Alma was declared missing, the police went into Orson's house and searched. It turns out Orson thoroughly cleaned the house, so they didn't find any skin cells or DNA of Alma. Carolyn thinks that Orson cleaned up because no one cleans that thoroughly unless they have something to hide. Before the wedding ceremony, Susan tells Bree the story and the rest of the women tell her that they're worried for her. Bree refuses to believe them, and proceeds with the ceremony. As she's walking down the aisle, she begins to change her mind. She has a private chat with Orson in the middle of the ceremony, and asks him if he killed Alma. He says no, and the wedding goes on. After they are pronounced man and wife, they are on the dance floor and Orson tells her he was hurt by the question.

Carlos and Gabrielle are using a mediator, Mr. Portsmouth, for their divorce. Gabrielle is very demanding over what she gets. She also demands a necklace, which belonged to Juanita, which Carlos refuses to give to her. Gabrielle is continuing to hate Xiao-Mei. Later, Carlos drops by and softens up to Gabrielle by telling her she can have Juanita's necklace. Carlos thinks they still have a chance together, but Gabrielle doesn't. In order to make this clear to Carlos, she uses the gay waiter at Orson and Bree's reception to make him jealous. Carlos falls for it, and tries to find a single woman, but is out of luck. That is, until, Lynette introduces him to Nora. Gabrielle finds Carlos and Nora dancing, and a fight brews. Carlos demands the necklace back, but while trying to pull it off Gabrielle's neck, it breaks. Their fight is interrupted once Xiao-Mei's water breaks. She gives birth at the hospital, but to an African American baby. It turns out their embryo was switched with someone else's. Their embryo was never given birth to. Carlos tells Gabrielle that at least their divorce will be easier without a child. Carlos and Gabrielle sign a lease for Xiao-Mei at an apartment in Chinatown.

Meanwhile, away from Wisteria Lane, the body of a dead woman is found. The body is buried in clay and her teeth have been pulled out. She died due to a blunt force trauma. The police believe it to be Alma Hodge. Orson and Bree go to the morgue, and Orson says it isn't Alma, but Carolyn shows up and also says it isn't her. She warns Bree again about Orson. When Orson and Bree leave, Orson says "Tu me manques, Monique", which means "I miss you, Monique" in French, revealing that it's a woman named Monique and Orson knew her.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 27, 2017

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