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A Weekend In the Country Recap

Bree and Orson are ready to leave for their honeymoon when Bree sees a TV interview with a homeless teen —Andrew. To Orson's dismay, she insists they cancel their honeymoon and go find Andrew. She finds him at a soup kitchen, but he says he wants nothing to do with her. She finally tells Orson the truth: Andrew didn't run away; she left him by the side of the road.

Without telling Bree, Orson tracks Andrew down and offers to buy him lunch. Andrew agrees, only later realizing Orson's his new stepfather. Orson asks Andrew how he's been living and Andrew admits he's "done things for money." Orson suggests Andrew just wants to keep punishing Bree for abandoning him. He tells Andrew that he knows something about rage, and that it has some ugly consequences. He also tells Andew that he has a home to come back to if he wants it. The next day, Bree opens the door to find Andrew on the doorstep.

Gabrielle and Lynette are heading off for a spa weekend—Gaby to get away from her messy divorce, Lynette to get some much-needed rest. Tom has taken the kids, including Kayla, camping, but he calls Lynette almost immediately. His back has gone out and he needs her to come get him.

When she arrives home, she finds Nora sitting on the front porch. She insists on coming along so that Lynette doesn't look like the better mother. Lynette is less than thrilled—it's an eight-hour drive!

Nora quickly gets on her nerves and Lynette finally snaps, telling her what a nutjob she is. Nora decides to show her what crazy really is and grabs the steering wheel, forcing them into oncoming traffic. Lynette says if Nora wants to kill herself, go right ahead. Nora tells her to stop, she's going to hitch a ride with the first trucker. To her surprise, Lynette doesn't try to stop her.

A few miles later, she finds Nora sitting on the side of the road because the trucker got fresh. She tells Lynette that her comment about suicide hit a little too close to home. "You have everything, your life is perfect," she tells Lynette, who insists her life is far from perfect. She works 12 hours a day, it feels like she has 33 children instead of four, and Tom still hasn't found another job.

Nora reveals that Tom doesn't want to work in advertising anymore, something he's never told Lynette. Instead of confronting him about it, Lynette tells Tom maybe it's time to think about pursuing whatever dream job he gave up on a long time ago.

Gabrielle starts to feel lonely seeing all the other romantic couples at the restaurant. And then she bumps into her ex-lover, John. He's looking elegant and grown-up. He now runs a landscape company that services the hotel and may soon have the entire hotel chain as a client. She's impressed, so much so that they end up in bed together again. Then he gets a call: his fiancée, Tammy, is arriving early! And she's not just his fiancée, her father owns the hotel chain, so it's imperative she not find Gabrielle in John's room. Gabrielle hides in a suitcase and John wheels her out. She has to unzip herself when she's accidentally left in the elevator. The next day, she tells John she's single now and wants to keep seeing him. But he loves Tammy and doesn't want to risk losing her.

Susan goes off for a romantic weekend with Ian at his cabin. They seem to have the same thing in mind, as they both find out when they accidentally open each other's suitcases: His is full of condoms, hers has sexy lingerie inside. But Ian lets it slip that his wife is the only woman he's ever been with. Susan assures him it's just a number and numbers don't matter. He then wants to know what her number is. When he finds out it's 11, the mood is ruined. But when she hears him playing the piano in the middle of the night, numbers don't seem to matter anymore. The two of them end up having sex.

Edie warns Julie not to fall for her bad boy nephew Austin, who had come over to help Julie restore her electricity and Julie assures her that won't happen.

Edie is looking for her CD player, which she loaned to Susan. Julie tells her that it's at the hospital with Mike. Edie pops in to take the CD player and just happens to be there when Mike opens his eyes.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 27, 2017

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