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Into the Woods Recap

The Scavo Pizzeria is robbed while Lynette's there. Lynette and Rick are stuck in the walk-in freezer, where they grow closer to each other. Later, while Tom, Lynette, Rick, and a security guard are looking through security tapes, Tom is unpleasantly shocked to find Lynette having dinner with Rick. Tom confronts Rick and tells him to quit working at the pizzeria because Tom and Lynette's marriage, although currently going through a rough patch, will survive. Lynette fires Rick and tells Tom that Rick quit his job to work somewhere else where they're offering him a better salary. Tom tells Lynette that he's coming back to work, as the doctor gave him permission to. In her bathroom, Lynette turns the water on so Tom can't hear her quiet sobs.

Shopping with Vern for an outfit for election night, Gabrielle has a run-in with a meter man who gives her a parking ticket which she feels she didn't deserve. At Victor's party, the wife of Victor's campaign manager tells Gabrielle that if Victor is elected as mayor, she won't have to pay for anything again, including parking tickets. Victor is elected as mayor. The next day, Gabrielle and the same meter man have an argument when she is given a ticket. She tries to talk him out of writing the ticket by telling him that she's engaged to the mayor, but that doesn't convince him. After kicking the meter man, she is arrested. When Gabrielle arrives home, Victor is angry at Gabrielle for making a spectacle that will be harmful for his image as the newly elected mayor. Gabrielle apologizes and shows Victor her bruised wrist from the meter man twisting it in their scuffle earlier that day. While Gabrielle and Victor dance at his victory party, across town two hired men walk up to the meter man as he is leaving work and beat him up.

Edie's ex-husband, Charles, comes to pick up Travers. Edie tries to get shared custody of Travers when she suspects Carlos might be losing interest in their relationship. She buys Travers a puppy to be kept at her house because she knows that Charles is allergic and Travers will have to ask his father into giving Edie joint custody. Charles learns about this and he and Edie get into an argument. Edie threatens to hire a lawyer so she can get full custody of Travers. Carlos learns of Edie's plan and tells her that she should think of what's best for Travers which is for him to stay with Charles and not have to go back and forth. He comforts her, saying that he will be there for her and Edie decides to call off her lawyer.

Mike is on a camping trip, so Susan goes to the woods to find him. She brings plenty of cosmetics, but forgets to bring some hiking necessities. Because Susan is unprepared, she is assigned a wilderness guide, Toni. Susan complains to Toni about her complicated love life, and Toni yells at Susan and tells her that she doesn't think Susan can handle a permanent relationship because she invites in too much drama. Susan decides to sneak off while Toni is sleeping and try to find Mike on her own. However, she sprains her ankle and gets lost in the woods. Back at the campground, the one hiker is reported lost, and Mike realizes that it's Susan from the description. Susan leaves a message on Mike's cell phone promising him that if he takes her back that she will not make their relationship dramatic and they will be a normal couple. In the morning, Mike finds Susan lying on the ground. Susan tells Mike she twisted her ankle and Mike replies "good, because now I can do this." Mike then picks up Susan in his arms and they kiss.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 31, 2017

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